• CN

    Nothing is so beautiful as a striver.

    Enterprise Idea
    • Vision

      Become an internationally esteemed new energy company

    • Mission

      Innovation drives advancement of new energy

    • Core values

      Contribution to customer success, self-criticism, good faith, great passion and teamwork

    • Operation idea

      customer first and people oriented

    Social Responsibility

    • Society

      Build the enterprise social responsibility idea of “deriving from society and returning to society” and participate in public welfare undertakings actively.

    • Environment

      Coordinative and sustainable development of economy, resources and environment is an inevitable choice of today’s society. We always insist on environmental protection and green operation.

    • Government

      Operate and pay taxes as per laws and regulations, undertake other duties and obligations specified by government and accept government’s supervision and legitimate intervention.

    • Employees

      Insist on “people oriented and love themed”, ensure all employees learn, live and work happily, safeguard their legitimate interests and unblock career development channel.

    Thinking Beforehand and Creating a Beautiful Tomorrow!
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