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    LIWINON held 2018 1st quality warning and commendation meeting


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    In order to improve the quality alertness of all employees, and motivate all employees to participate in quality management and solidify the quality warning system, on November 16th and 19th, Liwei New Energy 2018 [Quality Warning] was held in Dongguan Park and Huizhou Park respectively. The first commendation meeting was held to recognize employees who have outstanding performance in quality warning activities.


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    Gong Yongfeng, Vice President of Quality Management Center, introduced the quality warning system to promote effectiveness

    According to General Manager Gong, since the quality warning campaign was launched in August, the company's leaders have attached great importance and the active participation of all employees. The Huizhou Park received 535 quality warning reports from the production department, 195 quality departments and 48 MPE. Among them, 124 were submitted by the production department for final evaluation, 54 were quality department, and 13 were MPE. The total number of quality warnings received by the production department in Dongguan was 103, and the quality department reported 86, and the production department reported The final judges won 70 awards and 43 quality departments.

    According to the evaluation criteria, 2 people who won the first prize, 20 who won the second prize, 52 who won the third prize, 236 who won the fourth prize, and 10 who submitted the ranking prize.


    At the commendation meeting, Li Weiwei, General Manager of Lixin Energy, Chen Jie, Vice President of R&D Center, Yang Shan, Vice President of Human Resources Center, Zheng Mingqing, Vice President of Manufacturing Center, Gong Yongfeng, Vice President of Quality Management Center, and related managers, etc. Honorary certificate and bonus signed by the manager.

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    Reporting Ranking Award (Huizhou Campus)

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    Reporting Ranking Award (Dongguan Park)

    Fourth Prize (Huizhou Campus)

    Fourth Prize (Dongguan Park)

    Third Prize (Huizhou Campus)

    Third Prize (Dongguan Park)

    Second Prize (Huizhou Campus)


    Second Prize (Dongguan Park)

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    First Prize (Huizhou Campus)

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