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    On the occasion of the eleventh, a group of single youths are in secret operation...

    On the occasion of the Singles Day (11.11), in order to care for the personal feelings of the older singles, build a benign friendship and communication platform for the single-age youth of the age, enrich the leisure life of the single youth, and promote cultural exchanges between enterprises. On November 9-10, in the leisurely mountain residence under the Luofu Mountain, Liwei New Energy joined hands with Xinwangda-Electric Vehicle to jointly organize the “Let's Come to You” single-person networking event. More than 20 young people participated in the event.


    During the event, the organizers carefully designed the emotional ice-breaking, the night view of the mountain village, the search for the ancient exploration, the first experience of the heart, and the indulgent activities such as mountains and rivers, so that everyone can experience the feeling of heart between rice fields, stars and mountains. Feel his outstanding talent or her gentle and delicate.

    First, emotional ice breaking

    Leisurely mountain, mountain wind, Chaoyang, delicious farmhouse original ecological breakfast awakens the beautiful morning, let us eat a pot of rice in the beautiful nature, drink a pot of tea, and enhance mutual understanding and understanding.

    Second, looking for secluded exploration

    Let  stop, find a happy land, let the body and mind return. The pure natural state of frog sound, rice scent, breeze, and waterfall is full of poetry and painting.

    Longtan Waterfall, looking for the ancients, in this cool stream, we hold hands and feel the young pulse together.


    After some searching for the ancients, we set off to the next stop. On the road of life, who are you waiting for, and who are going to fight with you, and move forward with ease!

    Third, the first experience of heartbeat

    At the beginning of the heartbeat experience, show the self and express the declaration of love. If you meet him in the crowd, use the balloon in your hand to make a confession of love. The men and women who get the most balloons will be the most popular. The dark horse prince and the rose beauty.


    Prince of Dark Horse

    640.webp (1).jpg

    Rose lady

    Fourth, indulge in landscapes

    Once the edge of the rope is tied, the eyes are determined, and the right person is met. Let us indulge in the green mountains and green waters, and confide and sing in the rice fields.

    We wrote the lyrical poetry in the field with the memory of youth, and ended this happy journey with joy.

    I hope that every Liwei person can meet their own fate, and also meet a better self, happy work in Liwei, happy life.

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