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    Manager's second session of the book sharing session: let us grow together

    Read a good book;

    Share a reading comprehension;

    Communicate a section of management practice;

    Let different ideas collide with each other;

    Let us grow together with reading.


     In order to form a learning team, we will continue to create a happy learning atmosphere, promote communication and learning, and let managers gain more growth in continuous management practice and reading summary. On November 3, the Human Resources Department held the "Lithium Management Layer 2 Reading Sharing Session" in the scenic Tongsha Ecological Park.

    Warm-up activities

    Before the book sharing session, come to a happy warm-up event.

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    Activity One "Jumping Rope": Michael volunteered to serve as a rope player. According to the rules of the event, all members need to jump more than 5 times and not NG to clear the customs. Although the members who are not good at skipping ropes have been NG many times in a row, they still actively insist on completing the task. Everyone feels endless happiness in this seemingly simple but difficult collective rope skipping activity.

    Activity 2 "Intimate Contact": Heaven is the curtain, the ground is on the table, back to back, foot-to-foot to come to the most intimate contact, the communication of the nearest distance.


    Read sharing

    The on-site personnel are divided into six groups. Each group has 20 minutes of discussion time and 15 minutes of sharing time. The lottery is used to determine the sharing order. During the sharing process, the teams fully utilize the wisdom of the team members, work together, and use the sketches. Role-playing and other forms to show the harvest of reading, let us find out.

    The fourth group shares the theme: "Popular Innovation: How Free Innovation Can Drive the Business Future"

    The fourth group is the first to start sharing. They start from Maslow's demand theory and explain the importance of mass innovation from various needs and how to apply mass innovation to promote the business future.

    The second group shared the theme: "Use the wisdom of employees"

    The second group first outlines the elements of the whole staff management and the amoeba business model, and then displays the fractal organization in the form of a sitcom, expounding the teamwork through the real cases, and the importance of giving full play to the wisdom of the employees.

    The fifth group shares the theme: "Reshaping the organization: the road to the creation of an evolutionary organization"

    The fifth group has a unique approach, using the well-known "Upper Beach Story" to practice the creation of an evolutionary organization. Finally, the "five colors are distinct from the non-Danqing, the organization reshapes the rejuvenation, the reading event will pass the Li Wei, and learn to use the truth. After "summarizing the feelings of participating in the book sharing session."

    The first group shares the theme: "Transformation: Ways of Thinking in Dealing with Complex New Worlds"

    The first group first elaborated the process of transformation from five dimensions, and then focused on the way of thinking in response to change, from the logical relationship of thinking to change, thinking on the road, thinking and doing the same, and going far.


    The third group shared the theme: "Forward Leadership"

    The third group demonstrates the importance of positive leadership by comparing the different experiences of managers with positive thinking and negative energy thinking.

    The sixth group shared the theme: "Practice of Management"

    The sharing method of the sixth group is even more ingenious. They use the PPT flashback method, one person to speak, other people to play the catwalk, their wonderful lines and a serious performance, so that everyone can't help but feel the management practice in happiness. The subtlety of 》.

    Selection summary


    After a wonderful sharing, I went to the intense voting session.

    The leader of each group takes the stage to accept the voting of other members (the members of this group are not allowed to vote for themselves). The sharing of each group is very exciting. Who should vote for the tickets in hand? Which group will get the most votes?


    "The number of votes is not the most important. In my heart, everyone is full marks today." Michael fully affirmed the wonderful performance of the six groups in the book sharing session, and explained the experience of reading in three stages, suggesting that you read more in the future. Share more, and apply what you have learned to practice and grow together. He also hopes that the management team of Liwei will be happy to learn, happy to work, and happy life.

    Group member sharing

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    "Reading is a very important part of our life. Most of you are like me. There are people who have children. In the process of educating children to read, our parents must understand the joy of reading, really fall in love with reading, give children a good. example."

    ——The fourth group member Liu Li


    "I think the most important thing about reading is not only learning, but also interest. Only if we are really interested in this matter, we will have more gains. I am very happy to participate in this book sharing event. I hope that the company can more in the future. Organize similar activities."

    ——The second group member·Deng Wei

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