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    Staff birthday party, harvesting love


    In order to let employees spend a warm and happy birthday, let employees feel the care of the company, let the company grow inscribed with the smile of the employees. From September 28th to 29th, Liwei New Energy Huizhou Park and Dongguan Park held a grand birthday party for employees. “Happy work, happy life” Liwei brought you different surprises and impressions!

    Touched by love


    Careful moment

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    Hold the hand, and the old man

    On the same day, Xu Ping, the employee of Dongguan Production Department, was invited by her staff to invite her husband Zhang Sihai (the second team leader of Dongguan Production Department) to send flowers and kisses on the spot. Thanks to her for her family’s work and education. Female, gave him a happy home, and thanked her for accompanying him in Li Wei since 2013. They are not only companions in life, but also comrades in work. The sincere comments made the staff at the scene impressed, and the tears filled the box. Feeling deep, the two embraced and kissed, and the audience applauded with warm applause, pushing the birthday party atmosphere to a climax.

    Happy sharing

    When I was moved, everyone gradually became familiar with each other while eating and chatting. They introduced themselves and shared their hobbies. We come from all corners of the country, but we have a common code, that is, "Lianwei people"!

    Happy smile

    At the birthday party, I was moved and happy. Whether it was the host interactive game, cutting the cake, eating the fruit, I recorded the happy smile of Liwei people, and also recorded the cultural concept of Liwei people happy work and happy life.

    Departmental blessing


    The Human Resources Center carefully recorded the blessing videos prepared by the leaders and colleagues of the department for the birthday stars, and wished the birthday stars happy birthday, happy work, happy life!

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