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    Meet in Li Wei, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival


    Huizhou Liwei invites customer representatives to take a group photo to witness the happy work of Liwei people, happy life, customer achievement and common struggle!

    Happy work, happy life, September 19th - 20th, 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Fun Garden Party - [Meeting in Liwei, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival] Opening of the fire, the garden party includes three parts: blog, circle music and race against time, lithium Weiwei department management and all staff participated in the event and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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    Part of the staff of Dongguan Liwei, gathered in Liwei, joyful Mid-Autumn Festival!

    Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Club

    Who is the champion?

    Take turns to challenge

    Wisdom, concentration, patience

    Interactive content

    Rich stimulation

    Brain hole, eyesight, technology competition

    Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Circle


    Circle music, throwing a prize!

    Use the lens to record every wonderful moment.

    Mid-Autumn Festival Park will compete for time

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    Race against time, hopping

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    Race against time and feel sore feet   

    Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Gifts

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    Make games and win big prizes. More than 3,000 gifts, lots of gifts, a lot of happiness!

    Different care moon cakes

    In order to implement the concept of family culture and convey love, this Mid-Autumn Festival was led by the company's leaders to personally distribute moon cakes on the spot, so that employees can feel the care of the company, the importance of leadership and the happiness of the festival.

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