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    The first gold lithium award ended successfully, Dongguan Li Wei was fully loaded

    On December 15, 2018, the second annual meeting of Dongguan Lithium Battery Industry Association and the Dongguan Lithium Gold Lithium Awards Ceremony was held in CIMC Zhigu. At the conference, Dongguan Liwei won the 2018 Dongguan Golden Lithium Technology Innovation Award, the top ten outstanding brands, and the second largest growth enterprise. It fully demonstrated the technology, quality and performance of Liwei in the lithium battery industry. The brand has a leading and benchmark position.

    The theme of this annual meeting is: Dongguan good equipment, lithium battery good brand. The conference is divided into three major sections: the General Assembly, the Lithium Forum and the Awards Ceremony.

    In order to encourage industry innovation and development, the Dongguan Golden Lithium Awards were launched in November 2018. In order to be fair, just and open, it was divided into 8 antennas for voting and experts for on-site voting. The voting for the first Golden Lithium Award was exercised by the Board of Directors. The company oversaw the whole process and received a total of 26 votes from the Board of Directors. After fierce competition, Dongguan Liwei won the first prize of the 2018 Dongguan Golden Lithium Technology Innovation Award, the top ten outstanding brands and the second largest growth enterprise.

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    The top ten outstanding brands aim to recognize a group of companies with strength and influence and set a benchmark for the industry. Dongguan Liwei won the first place in the top ten outstanding brand awards. Liwei has always followed the principle of quality first and deeply cultivated the brand. Create brand influence.

    The Technology Innovation Award is designed to recognize companies with breakthrough technological innovations in 2018. Dongguan Liwei won the first place in the Technology Innovation Award, and Mr. Yan Xiaobo, the Supervisor, presented the honorary trophy for the winners.

    The most growth companies aim to recognize and promote fast-growing companies. Lithium's annual sales have been multiplying and growing, and in this competition, it won the second place in the Most Growth Enterprise Award.

    Quality first Honor second:

    The theme of the event was “Good Equipment in Dongguan, Good Brand in Lithium”. Dongguan Liwei is the only company in the field with more than 150 awards. This is the industry and society's affirmation of Liwei. Liwei will adhere to the corporate tenet of “pursuing excellent quality and focusing on detail management”, continuously improve product quality, achieve better development, and make unremitting efforts to become a “respected world-class new energy enterprise”.

    Thanks to the Dongguan Lithium Industry Association for providing this opportunity and platform. Thanks to the customers and suppliers for their support to Dongguan Liwei. Thanks to all the experts for their insights, and thank you for the hard work and silent support of thousands of brothers and sisters! This award is both an endorsement of our 2018 effort and an expectation of our 2019! Li Wei, sailing in 2019, live up to expectations!

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