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    Dongguan Liwinon Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Environmental Information Publicity

    First, the basic information: Dongguan Liwinon Energy Technology Co., Ltd., unified social credit code: 914419005882608736, legal person: Wang Wei, located in Tangxia Village, Gaochun Town, Dongguan City, No. 1 plant, mainly engaged in the production of lithium-ion batteries, annual output of electricity The core is 36 million.

    Second, the environmental protection procedures are: the construction project environmental impact report form was approved by the Environmental Protection Bureau of our bureau in April 2013 (Donghuan Construction (2013) No. 10478) and obtained the Guangdong Provincial Pollution Discharge Permit (441979201400007) valid until 2019 12 month.

    3. Sewerage information and construction and operation of prevention and control facilities:

    (1) Wastewater treatment measures: The total output is 1.05m3/5 days, about 69.3m3/a. The construction wastewater is collected and stored in the sporadic wastewater collection tank by the construction party, and it is regularly delivered to the sporadic wastewater treatment center (Dongguan Huabao). Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.) recycling treatment.

    (2) Domestic sewage treatment measures: annual water consumption is 476m3/a, the loss is about 50%, and the sewage discharge is about 238m3/a. The raw water passes through the oil separation slag pool to remove oil and waste residue, and then enters the regulation tank to adjust the water quality and quantity. Pumped to the facultative contact biochemical pool to convert the macromolecular organic matter in the sewage into easily decomposable organic matter (dephosphorization) by using hydrolysis and acid production, and enter the A/O biological contact oxidation tank for aerobic treatment to transform it. For CO2 and water (des ammonia nitrogen), the second is that organic matter is converted into inorganic matter and its own nutrients. After coagulation reaction, it enters the sedimentation tank and reaches the standard discharge.

    (3) Waste gas treatment measures: First, waste heat recovery ------ After the condensing recovery unit adopts water cooling method, including cooling tower water cooling ------ power system: there is a air supply centrifugal fan on the coating machine, and the recycling equipment There is a centrifugal fan that draws air. The exhaust gas has enough power to be sent from below. ------ Activated carbon adsorption treatment ------ high-level discharge after reaching the standard.

    (IV) Emergency plan for emergency environmental incidents: Environmental risk prevention measures and emergency measures such as chemical leakage prevention measures and accident emergency pools have been implemented. Environmental risk incident prevention and emergency protective equipment have been equipped, and emergency plans for emergency environmental incidents have been prepared. And to the Environmental Protection Bureau for the record, the emergency plan for hazardous waste accidents has been prepared and filed (record number: 44192920180055)

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