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    Opportunities and Challenges Focus ? Specialized research –liwinon New Energy 2019 welcomes the New Year!


    Thanksgiving 2018, against 2019!

    On January 19th, the liwinon New Energy Annual Conference was held in Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel. More than 700liwinonpeople gathered together to review the growth ofliwinon2018 and celebrate the new development of liwinon. future. Grateful 2018 for the event and ceremony, and 2019.

    At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Xiang Haibiao, Chairman of liwinon, delivered an opening speech to the annual meeting. He said that 2018 is a year of rapid development of Li Wei, and it is also a year in which we have gathered together and marched forward. We have achieved remarkable results. In 2019, we are about to open a new chapter of liwinon, and I wish you all a higher goal in 2019 and make a bigger breakthrough.

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    At the heart of the moment, Li Wei, senior assistant to the chairman of Li Wei, encouraged everyone not to forget their heart and move forward. Mr. Chen Jinsong, General Manager of liwinonin, expressed his determination to develop liwinonin 2019, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, focus on the goal, focus on the special research, and the mission must be reached.

    Next, the company commended the outstanding individuals and teams in 2018, and also encouraged the liwinon people present to take their role as examples and continue to work hard for the future of liwinon !

    A total of 15 awards were presented at the annual conference. Among them, outstanding individual awards were: Outstanding Newcomer Award, Outstanding Craftsman Award, Excellent Staff Award, Outstanding Mentor Award, Bole Award, Excellent Leadership Award; Excellent Team Award: Safety Warning Award, Quality Award, Innovation Award, Excellent Team Award, Proposal Improvement Award, Excellent Department Award, Organizational Change Optimization Award, PCPQ Excellence Award, Special Contribution Award.


    Outstanding newcomer award

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    Excellent craftsman award

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    Excellent staff award

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    Excellent Mentor Award

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    Bole Award

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    Excellent leadership award

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    Security warning award

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    Quality award

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    Innovation award

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    Excellent team award

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    Proposal Improvement Award

    640.webp (11).jpg

    Excellent department award

    640.webp (12).jpg

    Organizational Change Optimization Award

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    PCPQ Excellence Award

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    Special contribution award

    The most exciting thing is of course the lottery. The party has drawn more than 300 lucky people. The lucky winners are happy, indicating that the New Year's good luck has begun! The atmosphere at the scene was pushed to the peak again and again, especially the 15,000 yuan impromptu draw of the project, which exploded the scene.

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    The performances of the party were very exciting. Everyone showed their own performances and showed their carefully prepared programs. The wine will be magnificent and the classics of the "Times Show" will reappear. The "Flower Makers" is full of energy and the "Little Man Dance" Constrained, there are beautiful songs, laughter pieces, fashion and dynamic dances, everyone's preparation, hard rehearsal, and finally on the stage.

    In 2019, full of opportunities and challenges,liwinon will face even more arduous and arduous tasks. We will seize the opportunity and, as always, carry forward the spirit of courage and hard work, and open up liwinon with a high sense of mission and responsibility. A new chapter in development!

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