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    Yuanxiao welfare strikes

    On February 19th, in the traditional Lantern Festival, Xinwangda Headquarters and Liwinon  organized a number of welfare activities. The headquarters of Xinwangda organized the Yuanxiao Draw Award, and the prizes were very rich. It is also expected to draw Chinese business machines, sweeping robots, etc. A beautiful and practical gift.


    In order to let the Liwinon people feel the holiday greetings, Liwinon collected the thousands of dumplings by the interested colleagues, and cooked them to the leaders and colleagues to let them feel the warmth and care.。



    In order to give back to the employees who returned on time, Liwinon specially sent 500 yuan rewards to the employees who returned to their posts before February 18. Thanks to their trust and dedication to Liwei, the employees who received the rewards thanked Liwinon and praised Liwinon. A good company that cares about employees.



    Vision:Second-level Section: Enterprise Information

     Mission:  Innovation drives advancement of new energy

    Core values:  Contribution to customer success, self-criticism, good faith, great passion and teamwork

    Operation idea:  People oriented and customer supreme

    Qualitative objective:   “LIWINON is always the prime choice of customers at home and abroad when purchasing cell products.”

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