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    Liwinon held the 2019 Safety Production Management Committee meeting

    On March 6, the first meeting of the  Liwinon 2019 Safety Production Management Committee was held in Huizhou. Xiao Xiukun, director of the Group Security Office, Chen Hao, senior manager of the Security Center, Chen Jinsong, general manager of Liwei, deputy general manager, managerial staff, and representatives of various departments and engineers attended the meeting.


    At the beginning of the meeting, Yang Shan, deputy general manager of Li Wei, presided over the meeting and delivered an opening speech.



    The meeting firstly analyzed and reported the cases of production safety accidents by the manager of the Security Center.

    Manager Chen takes the typical domestic production safety accident as a case, and combines the company's lithium-ion battery industry safety production risk management and control points and technical means to explain, remind everyone to always tighten the string of safety, do a good job in risk management, strengthen the concept of safety development, take the initiative Implement the main responsibility.


     Dr. Xiao Xiukun, Director of the Group's Security Committee, elaborated on the importance and ways of implementing the main responsibility of safety production from the perspective of laws and regulations. Through the state and industry's latest safety production management requirements and relevant experience, the duties of various departments and levels of personnel were clarified. Requirements, deepen your understanding and understanding of the implementation of the main responsibility.


    Next, the manager of the Liwinon Security Department, Qiu Jiangsheng, focused on the issues that need to be followed up in the company's safety production work in 2019, including risk prevention and hidden danger investigation, occupational health monitoring, and related party management.


    The lithium battery industry is a key enterprise in safety management, and safety work is particularly important. After the meeting, Mr. Chen Jinsong summarized the meeting. He affirmed the safety management work of the past year, and proposed the direction for the follow-up safety work, and put forward the following requirements:


    Strengthen the safety awareness of all employees and conduct safety training;;

    Formulate assessment criteria and conduct irregular assessments.

     Do a good job of prevention and prevent staying;;

    Formulate assessment criteria and conduct irregular  assessments.

     In the end, the general manager of the company, Mr. Chen Jinsong, as the company's first responsible person for the deputy general manager Yang Shan, Zheng Mingqing, Gong Yongfeng, senior manager Hu Lifang and other companies directly responsible for the security armor, and in turn signed the responsibility for safety production with the direct responsible person. Managerial personnel, department heads and engineer representatives also signed safety production responsibility on the spot.

     The safety armband and responsibility represent the mission and responsibility of safety management, so that all departments and levels of personnel are clearly aware of their responsibilities and work objectives in safety production, and implement the company's production and operation by implementing the main responsibility of the company.



    Vision:Second-level Section: Enterprise Information

     Mission:  Innovation drives advancement of new energy

    Core values:  Contribution to customer success, self-criticism, good faith, great passion and teamwork

    Operation idea:  People oriented and customer supreme

    Qualitative objective:   “LIWINON is always the prime choice of customers at home and abroad when purchasing cell products.”

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