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    The Quality Early Warning and Recognition Conference was solemnly convened

    In order to enhance the quality alertness of the whole staff, promote their participation in quality management, and jointly improve and improve product quality, on March 27 and 28, Liweixin Energy (Quality Early Warning) Phase II commendation conference was held in Huizhou Park and Dongguan Park, respectively, to commend colleagues who had outstanding performance in quality early warning activities, and also to commend outstanding employees in 2018.

    Details determine success or failure, quality relations rise and fall. Since the implementation of quality early warning activities, it has been paid attention by the leadership and the active participation of all staff members. It was first summarized and commended in November 2018. At the second commendation conference, manager Cai of Huizhou Park and manager Deng of Dongguan Park introduced the implementation of quality early warning in the two places respectively, summarized the achievements and shortcomings in the implementation process, and introduced the next planning and improvement measures.

    At the congress, Chen Jie, Vice General Manager of Liwei New Energy Research and Development Center, Zheng Mingqing, Vice General Manager of Manufacturing Center, Gong Yongfeng, Vice General Manager of Quality Center and Yang Shan, Vice General Manager of Human Resources Center, etc. gave the awardees the honorary certificates and bonuses signed by the General Manager personally.

    After the recognition, Gong always summarized the quality early warning activities and the recognition meeting. For the next quality early warning work, he focused on three requirements:


    Full participation, starting from their own positions;

    Continue to develop habits;

    Strengthen propaganda and training by bringing the old with the new

    Gong said that quality early warning activities must not be relaxed. In 2019, the company will increase its investment in quality early warning activities on the basis of the original, and continue to carry out material incentives and spiritual incentives in the follow-up. He hoped that all staff and staff will spare no effort to participate and improve together.

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